65 W Ramapo Rd,
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Use our online scheduler or call us (845)517-5341 to make an appointment.

Our store is located at 65 W Ramapo Rd (Rte. 202), Garnerville, NY. 

Should I make an appointment?
While appointments are not required, we highly recommend you make one so that we are better able to give you our undivided attention.  Bridal consultations are usually 11/2 to 2 hours. Special occasion and mother of the bride or groom are usually 1 hour.

Who Should I bring with me?
We recommend you bring one or two people who are close to you and whose opinion you trust. You want to form your own opinion first and too many comments can make your decision overwhelming. Purchasing your wedding gown should be a fun and happy experience.

What should I bring with me to my appointment?
We recommend that you bring the proper undergarments with you when trying on dresses.  If you plan to wear shapewear under your gown, wear it to try on dresses. You should wear a straplesss bra and shoes the approximate height that you expect to wear on your wedding day.  If you have something special that you plan on wearing that day, a piece of jewelry or a headpiece, bring that with you as well.

Can I take pictures of the gowns I try on?
Pictures are allowed to be taken only after bridal gown has been purchased. Video cameras are not allowed.

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65 W Ramapo Rd, Garnerville, NY 10923  (845)517-5341

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